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Great week!

June 28, 2007

I am usually pretty much a home body.  Overall, I enjoy quiet evenings at home knitting, spinning, reading, and watching movies.  Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely and as if life is happening all around me and I am just taking a back seat to it.  For my readers who don’t know,  I seperated from an eight year realtionship back in December.  It was a difficult ordeal as we had been living together for three years.  I am just starting to get on my feet again.   I have decided to be more out going, and social.  With this new found attitude I went out a few times this past week, swimming in a lake, out to a friends wedding, selling veggies at the farmer’s market and oh so much more.  I am so tired, but it is great.  I feel so alive I’ve made new friends!  I found a new roommate that I hope to move in with at some point in August, and I saved the best part for last.  I met someone. . .someone I thought I really had chemistry with. . .someone I’ve been thinking about since we met on Friday.  We talked for several hours when we met and then he asked for my number.  He didn’t call until yesterday,  I thought he wasn’t going to, but then it came!  We are going out for a date tomorrow!   What to wear?


A little more about me

June 25, 2007

I have been blogging for a couple weeks now, and I noticed in my stats that I have picked up a a few readers!  Thanks so much for checking out my blog.  I really didn’t expect to get as many hits as I have been getting.  I would like to know who my readers are. . .so please feel free to drop me a comment and introduce yourself! 

I decided to tonight that I will write a little more information about myself to help people get to know me better. . . So here goes

1)  I am the youngest of three girls in my family.

2)  I have no children but, 6 nieces and 1 nephew . . .Selena 10, Sophie 7, Aniesa 6, Amara 2, Maya 2, Jasmine 1, and Adam 3mos.

3)  I love Japan. . .I studied abroad there in 2003,  and I speak Japanese.

4)  I love to travel

5)  I don’t eat seafood, lettuce, mayo/miracle whip

Now there’s a list of odd facts, if you’d like to more just ask!

Look Look Look!

June 24, 2007

Today was my first attemp at rainbow dyeing.  My mom and I dyed a skien of Rowan Cashsoft 4ply  with food dyes.  We used the paint brush method, and cooked it in the microwave.  Here is a picture of the yarn being washed after we dyed it.


and here it is hanging on the clothes line. . .



 and finally the finished product!


We are calling this colorway “Rainbow Sherbert.”  This was so much fun that we cannot wait to get our hands on more yarn to dye.  We already have many colorways made up in our heads that we hope to try out.


Big Wheel, Little Wheel

June 22, 2007

 Today was a spinning day for me.  I am not wearing my hand brace today, and making full use of my much improved hand.  I pulled out my antique spinning wheel  which is roughly 130 years old and decieded to see if I could make her go.  Yes!  after making two drive bands for it I was able to sucessfully spin yarn!  I need a threader for this wheel though because the orifice is much smaller than on my kromski.  I am pretty excited at the fact that I can spin yarn on the same wheel my great great grandma spun yarn on. 



After playing around with the big wheel for awhile, I decided to work on spinning some of the Merino wool top I bought from The Fiber Garden.  It is in the colorway Rose Quartz.  It is so soft and easy to draft.  I  feel that I have much more control over thickness with this top, and since my goal is fingering weight yarn I need to get it as thin as possible.  It was such a beautiful night tonight for spinning outside. 




Gmail and WIP

June 20, 2007

I have a new email address which will be the only one I check,  I went with gmail, because they offer alot of space, and well it seems like everyone one else was doing it! 

I got my yarn stash cleaned out! (for now)  I got most of it to fit in my IKEA bins.  I suddenly more room then I ever knew I could have, and you know what that means.   I can fill it up agian with new yarn!  Joke!  Actually, I finally recieved my Knitpicks package, and I am going to stop.  Really, I am not going to buy anymore yarn until I finish three projects.  I am counting sock yarn as stash, so I will not be buying any of that either.  The three projects I will be working on are:

1) a 75% completed cabled jacket out of Clasic Elite Sky tweed.  (That’s my niece’s persian cat Lily)




2) a wallaby sweater which is 50% completed out of Casscaid 220, and Rowan Tapestry.


3) a 50% completed Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater out of Lion Brand Cotton.


I will also continue to work on the blankie (up to 28 squares on the first row, I’m planning to do 33 squares across, and socks.

Harry Potter Knitting

June 18, 2007

I am still waiting for my package from knit picks. . .it is coming for sure today!!!!  In the mean time I received an package which contained Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel.  I love this book so much it contains knitting patterns inspired by Harry Potter.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and when I was watching the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I fell in love with Molly Weasley’s crochet housecoat.  Low and behold it is in this book!!!!  It calls for knitpicks Sport and Worsted weight shine.  I can barely crochet, but my mom is awesome at it and agreed to make the coat for me.  Yea!  (Mom will understand the meaning behind that yea!)  This book also has many wonderful patterns for both children and adults, as well as all sorts of other items.  I think it is a must for any Harry Potter fan!  Speaking of HP. . .the movie and the book both come out next month.  I can hardly wait!  I started reading the books in 2001 following my highschool graduation.  It’s been a long journey to get to the seventh and final book in the series.  I am currently reading the books again, but I have only made it to book four.   I’m not sure if I will have time to get all the way through six in time.  I hope I can at least make it to five before the movie comes out on July 13th.  As is the tradition I will be attending the movie at midnight!  as well as the book release on the 21st at Borders.  I don’t think my mom will have time to make my coat in less than a month so I am actually shooting for Halloween.  It is always so much fun to be with Harry Potter fans of all ages and be reminded that you are not the only freak obsessed with J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world.   I expect to be doing some HP knitting during both events. . .anyone in the Eau Claire area interested in having an HP knit night at the book Party contact me!

Stash Control

June 15, 2007

I have a substance abuse problem with yarn!  I have so  much that is taking over my living quarters.  It’s under the bed, next to the bed, in the bed, on the dresser, under the dresser, in the dresser, on the shelves, under the shelves. . .(and on ward and so forth.)  I know that I cannot knit it all, but yet I keep buying more and more.  I love all my yarn as if each ball was a pet.  I am currently waiting for the mail to arrive in anticipation for a package from Knitpicks.  They were having a sale what could I do?  I went to Ikea a few days ago and pick out some new bins to move some of the stash into.  I already have a few bins, shelves, crates, and cupboards full of yarn, but I think these new bins will help with the stash control.  When I get my new apartment. . .(when I get that social work job)  I plan on mounting cubbies to the wall for yarn.  I enjoy looking at my yarn and not just having it stashed away.  I think I need to join the stash diet movement.  I need to enjoy what I have and leave some yarn left for the other knitters in the world.  Plus, now I can spin my own 🙂

Hand-spun and Hand-dyed

June 13, 2007

Here are two skiens of my hand spun and hand dyed yarn.  I used lamb’s pride superwash top.  I was afraid if I didn’t use superwash I might ruin it in the dyeing process.  The first step in the process was to buy the top which came from The Fiber Garden.  I bought a whole 16 oz for $16.00.  (I haven’t come close to spinning it all!)  I also bought a container of Country Classic Mahogany dye.   When I got home my next step was to wash the wool in synthrapol and Eukalan in the bathroom sink.  (This helps the dye stick to the yarn.)



The next step was to mix up the dye and bake the yarn in the oven for 30 minutes.  This was very fun!


After the yarn was finished baking I hung it on the clothes line for the afternoon and let it dry.  I later spun part of it up into two hanks of two-ply DK weight Yarn.  These are about 90 yards a piece, and I sill have tons of top left to spin! 




Linie Solo 194 Scarf

June 11, 2007

This scarf is just like the scarf I’m working on out of Universal Tango Yarn.  My mom actually made this scarf, and wanted to show it off.  She used three balls of Linie Solo 194 from online yarn in the Pink colorway.  She used a size US #6 needle.  I think the Linie scarf is slightly softer than the Tango yarn.  Both yarns can be bought through Dixie at Yellow Dog Knitting.  (She ships!) I wish I could say my scarf is finished as well, but with my borken hand, I can’t even manage simple knitting. 




June 10, 2007

Here is a picture of my Kromski Prelude wheel.  I keep it sitting by the fireplace.  I am in a cast and typing is difficult.  This is all I can manage today!