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Is this getting boring yet?

July 18, 2007

I think I might be boring everyone with my constant updates about my dating. . .but we went out again last night.  It was good. . .we made plans for next week.  I’m very happy. . .happier than I thought I could be.  Now, I have heard that there is a Koigu shipment I am trying to restrain myself to stay away from YDK because I don’t get paid until Friday.  I like the Koigu very much.  Oh, I alsmot forgot I told him about the knitting.   I don’t think I scared him away, but I think he was just being polite when we said he didn’t think it was weird. 

I am going to knit on the blanket for awhile.  Maybe pictures tonight. . .I’m going to borrow a digital camera for awhile. 


Life updates and some knitting too!

July 16, 2007

Well first things first, there is an awsome contest going on over at Shelly Kang’s blog.  If anyone reading this hasn’t checked out her blog it is well worth it.  It is one of my favorites. 

I realize that July hasn’t been a great blogging month for me. . .and as I am a new blogger I should probably make a greater effort to blog.  I have however just been incredibly busy.  I will be better I promise.  Well,  last time I blogged about my date I was a little hesitint to be overly optimistic, but things are going even better.  I got asked on another date last Wednesday which I went on.  This date consisted of dinner at Grizzly’s  and was very nice. He called me today again!  So things seem to be on the right track there.  As I said before I am not looking for anything too serious right now.  I do really like this certain fellow though, and am curious to see where things may leave.  I have a question for all of you knitters out there, at what point do you let them know about the knitting, and the yarn stash?  I am not embarrassed by any means, but muggles are often less understanding about these things.  He might think I’m a tad bit ecenteric. . .okay so I am tad bit ecentric.  I better wait a bit just yet.

In other news, I have tickets for Country Jam this weekend, and I am planning to see Bon Jovi!  I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and this is very exciting for me.  I have to work third shift the night before so I will be going later in the day.  I am hoping the weather isn’t too hot.  It should be so much fun.  I’m going with my younger cousin Erica, and two friends Katie and Sarah.  I am actully planning to move in with Katie on August 15th. 

I am really sorry for the lack of pictures lately, my camera isn’t working the best right now.  I am working on getting a new one.  My blanket is now in it’s third row of squares and I am so in love with it.  I haven’t worked on another project it’s just miters miters miters.  I find myself just spending time staring at it.  Sarah from Yellow Dog gave me a generous donation of her brand new sock yarn that I will photograph and put up later in the week.  

I almost forgot I lost 10 pounds!

I’m cheating on my knitting!

July 9, 2007

Who knew being outgoing was so much work!  I haven’t knit much in the past two weeks and I have no updates on knitting.  I feel like a bad knitter!  Who is there for me no matter what. . .the yarn.  Who keeps me warm on cold nights. . .the yarn.  Who cheers me up when my day is going bad. . .the yarn!  I am full of shame and guilt that I could cast my knitting off so quickly after meeting a man! 

Well, since I know what update everyone is really waiting for I won’t hold out any longer.  I went on my date last Friday, and there was some food and drinks, some talking, and well let’s just end the description there.  I am not really looking for a relationship right now, and I don’t think this individual is either.  We had a great time and will probably see each other again.  I don’t think much more will happen though.   It’s all good.  It’s like a bumber sticker I read somewhere “I haven’t found the right one yet, but I’m having a great time with all the wrong ones.”