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I am back!

October 21, 2007

I have been away from the blog world for a few months now and I have really missed it!  Not only have I not been keeping up on my own blog, but I haven’t even been reading others.  I’ve been without a computer on a regular basis for some time now.  I wonder if I have any readers left out there.  Well, today I went to a spinning event in Eau Claire at the Chippewa Valley Museum.  I was able to meet up with my friend Sarah from knit 7 together.  There were some other familiar faces that were great to see.  I worked on spinning some merino wool from my fiber stash. I plan to to cozy up with a pair of Koigu socks tonight and watch desperate house wives.

Well, I am long over due for some life updates.   I fell in love this past summer.  I don’t use that term lightly or casually.  I fell hard for this guy.  He got me in a way I have never experienced.  We had the same bizarre sense of humor and could make each other laugh at just about anything.  It was one of those things that for us something would be so funny, and yet if you tried to explain the humor to someone else they just wouldn’t get it.  For awhile there we were spending most of our days together.  We really just enjoyed each others company.  He is very patient, calm, and forgiving.  I honestly was starting to feel that if I never met another man the rest of my life I would be contented.   Somewhere along the line though something went wrong, and now he is out of my life.  I feel broken!   I don’t want to be so weak or so sad, but he filled a void in my life that I never knew existed.  I feel like I have lost the best friend I have ever known.  I don’t even know how to be with anyone else.  I can’t get him out of my thoughts.  I was with my ex for eight years, and i did love him.  However, I have never felt more connected to another human being.  It is amazing how similar we are.   I have only known him for a short period of time but my feelings are so intense and raw.  I am trying to let go. . .and learn to live again without him.