I am here!

I am not going to offer any excuses for my lack of blogging, I just want to let everyone know I am back.  There is so much I want to talk about that I will just jump in. 

Article 1-

I will start out with the knitting related news.  I started Shelly Kang’s blankie project last summer.  I lost it in November after my car accident, and it just recently popped up again.  I have been knitting feverishly on it ever since and in the last two weeks have added several new squares.  I urge every one to jump over to Shelly’s blog and check out the blankie, and read about the horrible thing that is happening to Shelly.  Her credit is being taken away from her, and someone is profiting from the theft!  Here are pictures of my version of Shelly’s blankie.


Article 2-

My second order of buisness has to do with sharing the story of My niece Amara.  Amara is three and a half years old. 

When she was nine months old her doctor discovered that she had a large tumor in her abdomen.  It was determined a few days later that Amara had what is known as Whilm’s Tumor.  It is a childhood cancer that occurs on the kidney.  Amara had her tumor and kidney removed within in four days of discovering the cancer.  She was treated at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  She recieved Chemotherapy for a few months and in the end was given a clean bill of health.  The Doctors said it is unlikely that the cancer will ever bother her again.  This past March Amara was granted a wish by The Make a Wish Foundation.  Her wish was to goto Disney World with her Cousin Maya who lives in Texas (We live in Wisconsin).  This turned out to be entire family vacation.  My parents, Both my sisters and their seven children, and me all went to Orlando, Florida and spent a week together.  Amara and Maya were given the royal treatment.  Make a Wish is an amazing organization, and they really do make dreams and wishes come true! 

Article 3-

Make a wish granted another gift to my family that they didn’t even know about.  They gave us what is likely to be our last family vacation all together.  Upon returning from Florida my family recieved grave news.  Four and a half years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer.  His cancer is called synovial sarcoma.  It is very rare, very progressive, and likely to return after treatment.  He was given large doses of chemothearapy, radiation, and underwent major surgery to remove his high grade tumor.  That was four and a half years ago and he chose not to return to the doctor not even once.  He knew that it the treatment didn’t stop the cancer there was little to nothing that could be done for him.  So, he kept living, working, and being our father.  The cancer is back, and he has a watermelon sized tumor.  There is no cure, all treatment options are comfort measures.  I kick myself in the ass, becasue I can’t tell him to his face what he means to me.  I love my dad very much!  He has worked hard his entire life.  He has provided me a wonderful life full of opportunity, happiness, and every comfort I have ever needed.  He was the only person on Earth who would give me the money to bail myself out of severe credit card debt.  I have always had a car to drive, a pillow to sleep on, and food to eat because of my parents.  I got togo to college, I got to live in Japan, I’ve got to take trips around the country.  He’s always been my partner in political debates.  My dad has the best work ethic of anyone I have ever met.  He is a great man, a good person, and my father! 









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