For my mom. . .

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day.  I know that life sucks right now, and that taking care of dad is draining and demanding on you.  I know that you like to have your house cleaned and organized.  I know that you don’t want Selenna to miss out on anything and you feel like you’re not there for her as much as you should be.  I hear you when you tell me that you need help, and that you feel like your going over the  edge or that you are over the edge.  All of this is hard on me too, and I don’t always know the best way to tell you that I am here.  I have no money right now, and I can’t afford to buy you an expensive gift so instead I am making you a promise.  I promise to help you keep the house clean, I promise to make sure to have time for Selena, I promise that I can help you with your laundry, I promise that I will be patient with you if you’re crabby and I will restrain my self from yelling back or arguing with you.  I know that sometimes you just need to vent and it is easier to get angry at the small things in life, because the big things can just be too much to deal with.  I know dad is the one with cancer, but you are suffering too.  You need to remember to take time for yourself, because you can’t be there for dad or any of us if you are too run down.  You are the strongest most independent person I know, and we will get through this.  I love you mom!



2 Responses to “For my mom. . .”

  1. jaci Says:

    I’m sorry about your dad. What a wonderful thing to write to your mom. Sometimes the caregiver’s needs get over looked. Hang in there, all of you.

  2. Saffron Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Saffron.

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