Thermal Progress, New Cables, and Pets galore!

I live with my mom and 11 year old niece.  Up until a month ago we had One Persian Cat and one Multipoo dog.  Today we have 3 Persian cats, and two dogs.  Needless to say it has been very chaotic.  The new cats are just little kitties which I haven’t photographed yet.  I do however have a picture of the new pooch.

I’ve been very busy with my job at the Eau Claire academy,  I got promoted to the position of lead residential treatment worker at one of the Group homes next door to the main building.  On, the whole I am enjoying my new job.  I get some opportunities to knit and thus have made good progress on my thermal.  Keep in mind I am using fingering weight yarn, size 3 needles, and there are 280 stiches in essentially in rib.  I am a thrower so not the fastest moving project.  Both sleeves are finished, and I am a quarter of the way up the body.

I am maybe one of the most unfaithful knitters out there, and so I have started another cable sweater.  This is a Garnstudio drops pattern.  I am using Rowanspun Aran as well as Garnstudio’s Alaska.  Obviously, I just have a small fraction of sleeve done, but I am in love with this color!



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