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Homemade Reusable Grocery Bags

September 25, 2008

Anyone who has been in a store recently may have notice the go green reusable grocery bags.  The idea is bring your own bag, save a plastic/paper bag, and help the enviornment.  Another added bounes is that most stores will deduct a few cents off your total bill per bag.  I was inspired by Gloria at A Mingled Yarn  to machine sew my own bags using her tutorial.  She uses the Charlie Bag pattern from Burda Style.  I have sewn a total of four bags.  Here are photos of two of my bags.  The first is made with monkey fabric and is modeled by my oldest niece Selena.  The Second was gift for my friend Nicole and it is made with flamingo fabric modeled by my second oldest niece Sophie. 



Waking Up

August 25, 2008

On Saturday August 16, 2008 My father passed away after his battle with cancer.  His obituary can be read here.  This has been a very sad time for my family and me.  I just can’t even organize it into to words just yet.

Deep breath,  I am going to continue to blog once again.  I know I have promised it before, but I actually have allowed knitting to once again become a part of my life.  I have a FO! It’s a bit past my goal but I finished it.

I really love this sweater alot!  It feels so comfy.  I knit it out of Cascade 220 and Rowan Tapestry.  I used a 32″ size 9 Circular needle, and size 9 DPNs.  It really was a quick easy going knit.  I had a little bit of trouble picking up the pouch stiches, but Cindy from Yellow Dog helped me through it.

I am currently working on Thermal from Knitty.  I have one and a half sleeves completed.  I am in love with this sweater. The waffle stitch is very easy to memorize and the Knitpicks gloss yarn feels so good in my hands. 


Linie Solo 194 Scarf

June 11, 2007

This scarf is just like the scarf I’m working on out of Universal Tango Yarn.  My mom actually made this scarf, and wanted to show it off.  She used three balls of Linie Solo 194 from online yarn in the Pink colorway.  She used a size US #6 needle.  I think the Linie scarf is slightly softer than the Tango yarn.  Both yarns can be bought through Dixie at Yellow Dog Knitting.  (She ships!) I wish I could say my scarf is finished as well, but with my borken hand, I can’t even manage simple knitting.