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It’s been a very long time. . .

May 24, 2010

I haven’t blogged in ages!  I am still living in Eau Claire, and I am working at Festival Foods.  I found another passion in my life roller derby.  Yes, roller derby!!!  I am a member of the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls.  I am the secretary on the board of directors.  My skating name is Sue’She Roller and my number is R2FU.  I unfortunately am off skates at the moment, because I broke my leg and ankle.  I was skating outside and my skates got caught in a sidewalk crack.  I had surgery last Friday, and I will probably need more in the future.  I will however, absolutely be skating again when I can.  I was in the best shape of my life when I went down. . . I was also embracing a vegan life style, but since I haven’t been working, and my mom is kind enough to buy me food the lifestyle has gone on hold.  I also will absolutely be restarting the veganism!  I have been spending my injured time researching recipes and products and am a lot more educated than before I fell.  I bought a new vegan cookbook on ebay which I am really excited about!

Here are pictures of my skates, pads, and helmet.




Twilight Saga

August 28, 2008

I haven’t knit in the last day or so, because I am really into reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.  She currently has four books in series which include, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.  I finished New Moon yesterday, and am just starting Eclipse.  I am enjoying these books.  They are written for a young adult audience, but I have never been one to judge a book based on the intended reader.  I am in love with Harry Potter, and those are children’s books.  Anywho, These books are about teenage girl by the name of Bella who falls in love with a vampire named Edward.  It is portrayed as a Romeo and Juliet type romance in the sense that Edward is determined to keep Bella moral therefore, causing all sorts of problems.  I am a huge Anne Rice, and these books are on an entirely different level.  I don’t mean that negativiely it’s just that Anne Rice is a literary master.  Meyer’s vampries are a new take on the timeless mythical beings.

Because Mom will find out eventually :)

August 26, 2008

I was reading through Jaci’s blog Confessions of a Knitting Diva, and she got the cutest sheep tatoo.  I haven’t posted my sheep tatoo, because I wasn’t ready to tell my mom yet.  I got a tatoo of a black sheep on my back quite a few monts back.  It is totally healed at this point obviously.  I love it!  I know you will be disappointed mom, but try to understand this means a great deal to me.

Waking Up

August 25, 2008

On Saturday August 16, 2008 My father passed away after his battle with cancer.  His obituary can be read here.  This has been a very sad time for my family and me.  I just can’t even organize it into to words just yet.

Deep breath,  I am going to continue to blog once again.  I know I have promised it before, but I actually have allowed knitting to once again become a part of my life.  I have a FO! It’s a bit past my goal but I finished it.

I really love this sweater alot!  It feels so comfy.  I knit it out of Cascade 220 and Rowan Tapestry.  I used a 32″ size 9 Circular needle, and size 9 DPNs.  It really was a quick easy going knit.  I had a little bit of trouble picking up the pouch stiches, but Cindy from Yellow Dog helped me through it.

I am currently working on Thermal from Knitty.  I have one and a half sleeves completed.  I am in love with this sweater. The waffle stitch is very easy to memorize and the Knitpicks gloss yarn feels so good in my hands. 


For my mom. . .

May 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day.  I know that life sucks right now, and that taking care of dad is draining and demanding on you.  I know that you like to have your house cleaned and organized.  I know that you don’t want Selenna to miss out on anything and you feel like you’re not there for her as much as you should be.  I hear you when you tell me that you need help, and that you feel like your going over the  edge or that you are over the edge.  All of this is hard on me too, and I don’t always know the best way to tell you that I am here.  I have no money right now, and I can’t afford to buy you an expensive gift so instead I am making you a promise.  I promise to help you keep the house clean, I promise to make sure to have time for Selena, I promise that I can help you with your laundry, I promise that I will be patient with you if you’re crabby and I will restrain my self from yelling back or arguing with you.  I know that sometimes you just need to vent and it is easier to get angry at the small things in life, because the big things can just be too much to deal with.  I know dad is the one with cancer, but you are suffering too.  You need to remember to take time for yourself, because you can’t be there for dad or any of us if you are too run down.  You are the strongest most independent person I know, and we will get through this.  I love you mom!


On Target with the Wallaby Sweater

May 8, 2008

I will be lacking photographs for a little while.  I don’t have the Internet in my apartment.  I use my Iphone for daily Internet tasks.  I don’t really have the ability to upload photos unless I go to my parents house, take the photos, and upload them there.   I will do this in the next few days so that everyone can see the Wallaby in all its glory.  I have finished knitting the pouch and fused it to the sweater.  I have continued to knit the body and I am now an inch and a half away from adding the sleeves.  That leaves me with less than a third of the sweater to go!  I should hopefully have this project completed with in my target goal which leaves me three weeks.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me some time to knit.  This can be excellent, because I actually get more knitting done at work than at home these days.  As I noted last time my Wallaby pouch is knit out of Rowan Tapestry yarn colorway Rainbow.  I bought this yarn a year and a half ago.  Aside from knitting the pouch from it, I also added a stripe of it into the sleeves.  I ran out of the yarn I bought, but I have decided to use it in my hood as well.  Thankfully for Ebay, I have procured four more balls (I am holding the yarn double stranded) and I will indeed be able to add it into my hood. 


Wallaby Sweater and Mall of America

May 2, 2008

Today has been a busy day for me.  I work at group home for individuals with developmental disablities, and I have four clients.  Two of my clients wanted to visit the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and so we decided to take a day trip.   My program manager agreed to come with me after the staff that was supposed to come with never showed up for the trip.  We had a wonderful time at the mall eating at the Rainforest Cafe, and making bears at the Build a Bear Workshop.  I am a little tired out now, because I came in at nine this morning and I had to work until midnight still. 

Moving on to knitting, I am working on The Wonderful Wallaby sweater.  This is a seamless version of the hoodie with a nice big pouch on the front.  This pattern is from Cottage Creations and has been around since the eighties.  The pattern has sizes for small children through plus size.  It is an easy knit, but enjoyable.  I have two sleeves done and a third of the body including the pouch complete.  I have pictures posted from a few months ago.  I haven’t touched the project since those pictures.  I knit the sweater with cascade 220 in a light green heather colorway, and the pouch is knit with a varigated Rowan Tapestry yarn.  I love this Rowan yarn it is very soft and made from Soy.  I am pleased with the Cascade as well, it knits up very evenly.  I have a goal to finish this project within three weeks.  I will post the sweater in its completed form.

I am here!

April 29, 2008

I am not going to offer any excuses for my lack of blogging, I just want to let everyone know I am back.  There is so much I want to talk about that I will just jump in. 

Article 1-

I will start out with the knitting related news.  I started Shelly Kang’s blankie project last summer.  I lost it in November after my car accident, and it just recently popped up again.  I have been knitting feverishly on it ever since and in the last two weeks have added several new squares.  I urge every one to jump over to Shelly’s blog and check out the blankie, and read about the horrible thing that is happening to Shelly.  Her credit is being taken away from her, and someone is profiting from the theft!  Here are pictures of my version of Shelly’s blankie.


Article 2-

My second order of buisness has to do with sharing the story of My niece Amara.  Amara is three and a half years old. 

When she was nine months old her doctor discovered that she had a large tumor in her abdomen.  It was determined a few days later that Amara had what is known as Whilm’s Tumor.  It is a childhood cancer that occurs on the kidney.  Amara had her tumor and kidney removed within in four days of discovering the cancer.  She was treated at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  She recieved Chemotherapy for a few months and in the end was given a clean bill of health.  The Doctors said it is unlikely that the cancer will ever bother her again.  This past March Amara was granted a wish by The Make a Wish Foundation.  Her wish was to goto Disney World with her Cousin Maya who lives in Texas (We live in Wisconsin).  This turned out to be entire family vacation.  My parents, Both my sisters and their seven children, and me all went to Orlando, Florida and spent a week together.  Amara and Maya were given the royal treatment.  Make a Wish is an amazing organization, and they really do make dreams and wishes come true! 

Article 3-

Make a wish granted another gift to my family that they didn’t even know about.  They gave us what is likely to be our last family vacation all together.  Upon returning from Florida my family recieved grave news.  Four and a half years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer.  His cancer is called synovial sarcoma.  It is very rare, very progressive, and likely to return after treatment.  He was given large doses of chemothearapy, radiation, and underwent major surgery to remove his high grade tumor.  That was four and a half years ago and he chose not to return to the doctor not even once.  He knew that it the treatment didn’t stop the cancer there was little to nothing that could be done for him.  So, he kept living, working, and being our father.  The cancer is back, and he has a watermelon sized tumor.  There is no cure, all treatment options are comfort measures.  I kick myself in the ass, becasue I can’t tell him to his face what he means to me.  I love my dad very much!  He has worked hard his entire life.  He has provided me a wonderful life full of opportunity, happiness, and every comfort I have ever needed.  He was the only person on Earth who would give me the money to bail myself out of severe credit card debt.  I have always had a car to drive, a pillow to sleep on, and food to eat because of my parents.  I got togo to college, I got to live in Japan, I’ve got to take trips around the country.  He’s always been my partner in political debates.  My dad has the best work ethic of anyone I have ever met.  He is a great man, a good person, and my father! 








I am back!

October 21, 2007

I have been away from the blog world for a few months now and I have really missed it!  Not only have I not been keeping up on my own blog, but I haven’t even been reading others.  I’ve been without a computer on a regular basis for some time now.  I wonder if I have any readers left out there.  Well, today I went to a spinning event in Eau Claire at the Chippewa Valley Museum.  I was able to meet up with my friend Sarah from knit 7 together.  There were some other familiar faces that were great to see.  I worked on spinning some merino wool from my fiber stash. I plan to to cozy up with a pair of Koigu socks tonight and watch desperate house wives.

Well, I am long over due for some life updates.   I fell in love this past summer.  I don’t use that term lightly or casually.  I fell hard for this guy.  He got me in a way I have never experienced.  We had the same bizarre sense of humor and could make each other laugh at just about anything.  It was one of those things that for us something would be so funny, and yet if you tried to explain the humor to someone else they just wouldn’t get it.  For awhile there we were spending most of our days together.  We really just enjoyed each others company.  He is very patient, calm, and forgiving.  I honestly was starting to feel that if I never met another man the rest of my life I would be contented.   Somewhere along the line though something went wrong, and now he is out of my life.  I feel broken!   I don’t want to be so weak or so sad, but he filled a void in my life that I never knew existed.  I feel like I have lost the best friend I have ever known.  I don’t even know how to be with anyone else.  I can’t get him out of my thoughts.  I was with my ex for eight years, and i did love him.  However, I have never felt more connected to another human being.  It is amazing how similar we are.   I have only known him for a short period of time but my feelings are so intense and raw.  I am trying to let go. . .and learn to live again without him.


I’ve been bad!

August 14, 2007

I know it may seem to everyone that I have dropped off the face of the earth!  I got new sock yarn from China. . .Yes, China!  It is wonderful. . .I am working on my digital camera situation at the moment.  I will eventually put photos up.  The yarn is American Marketed either. . .it is written in Kanji and everything.  I’ve already knit up a squire for the blanket with it.

So, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged.  I am no longer seeing the boy.  I am however seeing a guy named Tim and things are going very well.  Almost too well.  You have to stop and ask yourself is this too good too be true, and can two people really have this much in common and get along this great? Falling for someone is difficult, because it means you could get hurt.  It is always scary to put your emotions on the line.  I guess if I don’t try I have already lost something, and life is about risks.  We don’t learn how to purl or do cables, by sticking to what we think is easiest.  Knitting really is a metaphor for life.  I have also moved and am now living with my friend Katie.  This is the first time I have ever had a “roommate”  it has been an adjustment but I think we are getting along fine.  I’ve made a lot of great new friends.  Life is good right now no  complaints!